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Visualizzazione Creativa

Ho deciso di scrivere questo breve saggio per affrontare un tema bistrattato e popolare allo stesso tempo. Usato da tantissimi senza risultati degni di considerazione e da altri, me compreso, in modo efficace e continuato. Mi riferisco alla tecnica mentale più comunemente descritta con il termine “Visualizzazione Creativa” per ottenere la realizzazione e l’attualizzazione dei propri desideri.

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Philosophy Practice.

ust a new book?
This book stems from not knowing. It springs from being tired of my job, from the need to sleep and from a dark night. When you wake up sad and feel that there is an ocean of sadness around you, writing seems the only option.
This book starts from very practical questions and from those interpretations that lead us to act and feel better. Because, when you learn to see the world upside down you are also broadening your horizon.
This book travels into delusion, through illusion to get a grasp of objectivity.
Just sit back and enjoy, if you can, this innermost travelling.

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Introduction to Philosophy

“Maurizio Bisogno is one of the few persons I know who have made of philosophy their fundamental commitment for life. For this reason I think that he would be very stimulating when coming into contact with young students as a teacher, increasing their motivation for the study of philosophy, and exchanging with them a real philosophical dialogue.” Prof. Evandro Agazzi, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy

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La questione Ucraina

Sia l’intenzione, sia l’azione di destabilizzazione della Russia e il potere di Putin da parte dell’Occidente traspaiono regolarmente; basti citare qui il caso dell’Ucraina, dove una falsa rivoluzione di liberazione, che possiamo chiamare una rivoluzione prefabbricata dall’Asse Anglo-Americano, si realizza in uno Stato che gravitava all’interno dell’orbita storica della Russia. Inoltre, i capi della rivoluzione e del nuovo governo ucraino o sono fantocci degli oligarchi o sono loro stessi degli oligarchi multimiliardari– che hanno ora in mano le ricchezze e le risorse naturali dell’Ucraina. È d’obbligo aprire qui una piccola parentesi storico-culturale. La regione orientale dell’Ucraina era parte del territorio

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The concept of distribution in the Syllogism

What follows is the transcript from the following video : Today we’re going to present in this short video, what the distribution is and how it matters in a syllogism. Remember a syllogism is made of three propositions, two premises, and one conclusion. Now the parts of a propositions are the quantifier, the subject, the copula and the predicate. A quantifier is ‘all’ our, ‘some’, the subject is the subject. So, the subject is the term, the copula is the verb (the link between the subject and the predicate) and the predicate is the other term. For example, ‘all

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Magick or Rational?

By Maurizio Bisogno I know that if you read this, your life will benefit from it. Laura did not find the job that would have made her happy – more correctly, she did not want a job. Her vocation was reading, playing the cello, and, maybe, teaching. She is serein and calm when she has a good amount of money on her account. This allows her to do her job. But a job should produce an income and, as her one does not do that, she must get works that pay a salary, although those employments do not create a

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