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How to End the Struggle with Money {In English, Spanish and Italian}

How to End the Struggle with Money Money does not come easy and, if it does, it goes away as effortlessly as it came. The function of money is circulation; in this sense it is like blood, if it stops flowing it coagulates, which means it loses its essence. You could say that of nearly everything. Water, for example, when stops flowing it stagnates and eventually becomes something completely different than water. There is another characteristic we must consider: bloods flows within the body; water flows along streams and rivers into the sea. In other words, the circulation of money

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Two different representations of the Wheel of Fortune

The Virtuous Cycle

I know my goal. I always wanted to be successful. I have a blueprint. Especially when I write I know what I am doing. I give you a consistent story or a coherent analysis and prognosis of life situations. I wanted to earn my life with my articles and books and this is what is happening right now. After so many years I have gained confidence and audacity. Now I am free from the old refrain: frustration from being unable to succeed as a writer. Firstly, I love to be affluent and free; I get myself in jobs that I

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First Conclusions on Vaccines and the Power.

It appears to me that there is a great effort to uniform human behaviour  through measures aiming at controlling the contaminations. The fact is that, one way or the other, people are scared and believe that there is a virus that is making millions of victims. As this fear is the foundation for the submissive attitude of the masses and the power cannot miss this opportunity to increase as much as it can the control over people’s private and public behaviour. It is not difficult for people in charge to judge harshly and create suspicion and distrust toward those who

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Are You Being Rational in Taking the Vaccine?

The general attitude with regards to how to come out of the so-called pandemic is to get the entire population vaccinated. What presumptions have you got in favour of this statement? Most of all, do you understand fully what does it mean to vaccinate the entire population? I suppose you do otherwise you could not have excluded the other proposition that says: Vaccination of the population will not help against the so-called pandemic. You are able the grasp the meaning of the two proposition and you have chosen to believe the first one. May I ask you to ponder this:

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The World We Know

by Maurizio Bisogno We experience the world through our body, although we are not passive recorders of it. The ancient Greek word pathos refers to the wrong response to the external impressions. The correspondent verb is pathein, to suffer: we do not just suffer what happens in the world. In other words, we are not solely a receiver of what happens “out there”. We are a constituent of what we experience. Our responsibility in the making of our world starts at the most basic phase of our ability to perceive through our body. In fact, we interpret constantly and selectively

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The chalice of all possibilities and beyond.

The past and the present differ from the future precisely in that they have a concreteness and finiteness that the third one does not have. In fact, the future is the realm of possibilities, of the not-formed that can take all the forms of the possible (in this sense the future also includes the impossible). The future is the result of the combination of the various forces and existing laws, but it is not already written. It is written by becoming.

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Il calice di tutte le possibilità e oltre.

l passato e il presente si differenziano dal futuro esattamente per il fatto che hanno una concretezza e una finitezza che il terzo non ha. Infatti, il futuro è il regno delle possibilità, del non-formato che può assumere tutte le forme del possibile (in questo senso il futuro comprende anche l’impossibile). Il futuro è il risultato della combinazione delle varie forze e leggi esistenti, ma esso non è già scritto. Si scrive divenendo.

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The Benefits of Examining Yourself

My book Don’t Go Abroad, Go Within  is a practical application of the principle that examining your thoughts will give you a greater awareness and control over your life. It shows how to get out of the tunnel by taking you in it. Dare to know what you really think and feel and you will gain in mind clarity and happiness. This is the most important step you can take to know how much you are in control of your destiny –  can you really separate yourself from the past? The transformation that is required to advance is not going

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