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The Benefits of Examining Yourself

My book Don’t Go Abroad, Go Within  is a practical application of the principle that examining your thoughts will give you a greater awareness and control over your life. It shows how to get out of the tunnel by taking you in it. Dare to know what you really think and feel and you will gain in mind clarity and happiness. This is the most important step you can take to know how much you are in control of your destiny –  can you really separate yourself from the past? The transformation that is required to advance is not going

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Un ricordo di gioventù

Voglio ricordare qualcosa di semplice e coinvolgervi in questa mia rimembranza. Non so esattamente cosa andrò a scrivere, ma vi prego di seguirmi fino alla fine.

Quando scrivevo L’assente, ero trasportato lontano, immerso nel flusso di scrittura, senza pensare, le parole si susseguivano sulla pagina. Ora si avvicendano come pietre e non cadono come goccioline di rugiada. È che si cambia, cambiano le letture, le lingue, il paese in cui si vive, le attività, i sentimenti. Ma non me ne dispiaccio, infatti, l’importante è evolvere e lasciare che la scrittura segua il nostro percorso, cambiando con esso.

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Exploring the Writing Craft

Ultimately, we establish some reality when we write, we build like any other craftsman does when they make or create a new product: they use existing elements to objectify something which was only in their mind. Doing is actually an act of knowledge, and writing is doing; furthermore, when it is done with knowledge of the art and when there a soul in it, then it goes beyond matter.

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The Concept of Distribution

From my course Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking a video that explains what does it means that a term is distributed or undistributed; it also touches the two fundamental rules for deciding of a valid syllogism. If you wish to access the full course, click here If you can’t click, copy the link and paste it into your browser. a great day!

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We Protect You From COVID with 1 Jab Instead of 2 and Focusing on PR

Article: “Gap between jabs could be eight weeks under new plans”Authors: Senan Molony and Eilish O’ReganSource: Independent.ieDate 17 April 2021 What is the real goal of those in charge of the citizens’ health protection? After reading the article “Gap between jabs could be eight weeks under new plans”, I decided I should clear my mind on what I could learn from it in relation to the Covid present state of affairs. My understanding is that the decision to extend the gap between jabs is based on a week argument and it appears also that the real focus of the politicians

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