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Unlock Your Critical Thinking Skills with Introduction to Logic

Are you tired of being swayed by arguments that don’t hold up to scrutiny? Do you struggle to understand complex logical arguments? Look no further! “Introduction to Logic” on Udemy is here to help you develop your critical thinking skills and understand the foundations of logical argument. In this course, you’ll learn about the structure of arguments, types of argument, and how to identify and avoid fallacies. With the skills you’ll learn in “Introduction to Logic,” you’ll be able to confidently evaluate and construct logical arguments, and make informed decisions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your critical

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Philosophy Practice in Action

Just a new book?
This book stems from not knowing. It springs from being tired of my job, from the need to sleep and from a dark night. When you wake up sad and feel that there is an ocean of sadness around you, writing seems the only option.
This book starts from very practical questions and from those interpretations that lead us to act and feel better. Because, when you learn to see the world upside down you are also broadening your horizon.
This book travels into delusion, through illusion to get a grasp of objectivity.
Just sit back and enjoy, if you can, this innermost travelling.

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