How to put together Historical Materialism, Esotericism, Stoicism?

Considering that the phenomenon is what happens, then there are our thoughts about it, and finally our understanding. Based on that, the politician, ideally, takes decisions which have a relevance for the entire society. The action on the material world, nevertheless, faces personal upheaval which can be overcome with the stoic method. A realistic view of the situation, considering the order of things, allows a more balanced emotional state and consequently a higher level of well-being.

The “Foot Massage” dialogue from the film Pulp Fiction

by Maurizio Bisogno In starting this article, I have made two assumptions:  the first is that you have seen Tarantino’s film Pulp Fiction. The second one is that you should have a basic understanding of the Socratic method. After reading this article again I decided that, in fact, you will …

It Is Pointless Sweating to Get the Superfluous

In the letter IV [Letters to Lucilius], Seneca discusses the correct attitude to be taken towards life and death, because the two are indissoluble indeed. In so doing, he also tells us how to understand “possession”, directing our attention to its essential characteristic, which always implies the possibility of loss. …

The Courage to Look into the Eyes of a Reptilian

By Maurizio Bisogno Conspiracy theories are innumerable or almost. This field is highly productive, and every theory always hides “something” it does not say. In essence, we can say that there are conspirators, conspiracy theorists and critics of the aforementioned approaches. The foremost common criticism of conspiracy theories perhaps is …

An Inactive Mind Makes You into a Mindless Zombie

The mind is addicted to stimuli, which reach it passing by our five senses. If this is so, when normally awake the mind is mostly in a passive state. On the contrary, when we are asleep, our mind, having shut down the stimuli receptors nearly to zero, is very active and produce its own content.

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