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Magick or Rational?

By Maurizio Bisogno I know that if you read this, your life will benefit from it. Laura did not find the job that would have made her happy – more correctly, she did not want a job. Her vocation was reading, playing the cello, and, maybe, teaching. She is serein and calm when she has a good amount of money on her account. This allows her to do her job. But a job should produce an income and, as her one does not do that, she must get works that pay a salary, although those employments do not create a

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Two different representations of the Wheel of Fortune

The Virtuous Cycle

I know my goal. I always wanted to be successful. I have a blueprint. Especially when I write I know what I am doing. I give you a consistent story or a coherent analysis and prognosis of life situations. I wanted to earn my life with my articles and books and this is what is happening right now. After so many years I have gained confidence and audacity. Now I am free from the old refrain: frustration from being unable to succeed as a writer. Firstly, I love to be affluent and free; I get myself in jobs that I

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The World We Know

by Maurizio Bisogno We experience the world through our body, although we are not passive recorders of it. The ancient Greek word pathos refers to the wrong response to the external impressions. The correspondent verb is pathein, to suffer: we do not just suffer what happens in the world. In other words, we are not solely a receiver of what happens “out there”. We are a constituent of what we experience. Our responsibility in the making of our world starts at the most basic phase of our ability to perceive through our body. In fact, we interpret constantly and selectively

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The Benefits of Examining Yourself

My book Don’t Go Abroad, Go Within  is a practical application of the principle that examining your thoughts will give you a greater awareness and control over your life. It shows how to get out of the tunnel by taking you in it. Dare to know what you really think and feel and you will gain in mind clarity and happiness. This is the most important step you can take to know how much you are in control of your destiny –  can you really separate yourself from the past? The transformation that is required to advance is not going

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Un ricordo di gioventù

Voglio ricordare qualcosa di semplice e coinvolgervi in questa mia rimembranza. Non so esattamente cosa andrò a scrivere, ma vi prego di seguirmi fino alla fine.

Quando scrivevo L’assente, ero trasportato lontano, immerso nel flusso di scrittura, senza pensare, le parole si susseguivano sulla pagina. Ora si avvicendano come pietre e non cadono come goccioline di rugiada. È che si cambia, cambiano le letture, le lingue, il paese in cui si vive, le attività, i sentimenti. Ma non me ne dispiaccio, infatti, l’importante è evolvere e lasciare che la scrittura segua il nostro percorso, cambiando con esso.

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LA CASA DI DIO nei tarocchi è la seconda soglia

XVI – LA MAISON DIEU – LA CASA DI DIOB.M. Angel[Tratto da Alla ricerca del segreto iniziatico,] Una carta che ci parla direttamente di una rimessa in questione profonda. Un invito a rivedere in profondità il modo di vivere del consultante. Ma anche il crollo di imprese chimeriche.La carta numero XV – Il Diavolo rappresentava un bivio, una scelta: Mago o Stregone?La torre della carta XVI è decapitata da un fulmine (solare), la conoscenza: l’opera dell’uomo non sarà mai paragonabile a quella divina. Umiltà, quindi.L’apertura, la via attraverso cui ci esponiamo al nemico della nostra anima si trova in un

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