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La questione Ucraina

Sia l’intenzione, sia l’azione di destabilizzazione della Russia e il potere di Putin da parte dell’Occidente traspaiono regolarmente; basti citare qui il caso dell’Ucraina, dove una falsa rivoluzione di liberazione, che possiamo chiamare una rivoluzione prefabbricata dall’Asse Anglo-Americano, si realizza in uno Stato che gravitava all’interno dell’orbita storica della Russia. Inoltre, i capi della rivoluzione e del nuovo governo ucraino o sono fantocci degli oligarchi o sono loro stessi degli oligarchi multimiliardari– che hanno ora in mano le ricchezze e le risorse naturali dell’Ucraina. È d’obbligo aprire qui una piccola parentesi storico-culturale. La regione orientale dell’Ucraina era parte del territorio

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Magick or Rational?

By Maurizio Bisogno I know that if you read this, your life will benefit from it. Laura did not find the job that would have made her happy – more correctly, she did not want a job. Her vocation was reading, playing the cello, and, maybe, teaching. She is serein and calm when she has a good amount of money on her account. This allows her to do her job. But a job should produce an income and, as her one does not do that, she must get works that pay a salary, although those employments do not create a

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Two different representations of the Wheel of Fortune

The Virtuous Cycle

I know my goal. I always wanted to be successful. I have a blueprint. Especially when I write I know what I am doing. I give you a consistent story or a coherent analysis and prognosis of life situations. I wanted to earn my life with my articles and books and this is what is happening right now. After so many years I have gained confidence and audacity. Now I am free from the old refrain: frustration from being unable to succeed as a writer. Firstly, I love to be affluent and free; I get myself in jobs that I

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The World We Know

by Maurizio Bisogno We experience the world through our body, although we are not passive recorders of it. The ancient Greek word pathos refers to the wrong response to the external impressions. The correspondent verb is pathein, to suffer: we do not just suffer what happens in the world. In other words, we are not solely a receiver of what happens “out there”. We are a constituent of what we experience. Our responsibility in the making of our world starts at the most basic phase of our ability to perceive through our body. In fact, we interpret constantly and selectively

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