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Something must exist before we can catch it

Something must exist before we can catch it. This idea is explored through the metaphor of catching a hare, which represents solving problems or achieving goals. In order to catch a hare, we must first ascertain its existence by gathering the necessary resources or information. The metaphor highlights the difficulties of achieving our goals and the feeling of being overwhelmed or uncertain about where to begin.

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The Existential Fallacy

“It is a curious feature of logic that statements which refer to the whole of a class do not actually tell us whether there are any members of that class.” Madsen Pirie This sentence introduces the principle of logic according to which statements that refer to the whole of a class, known as universal statements, do not necessarily provide information about the existence or non-existence of members of that class. For example, the statement “All dogs are mammals” is a universal statement that refers to the class of dogs and the class of mammals. While this statement tells us that

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How to win every argument

In ‘How to win every argument, The use and abuse of logic’, Madsen Pirie provides a comprehensive guide to winning arguments and debating effectively. The book is divided into three main sections: ‘The Art of Argument’, ‘The Tactics of Argument’, and ‘The Strategy of Argument’, each of which focuses on different aspects of the argumentation process. From the fundamental principles of logical thinking to practical tips on how to respond to counterarguments and anticipate your opponent’s perspective, this book covers a wide range of topics that are essential for effective argumentation. Whether you are a seasoned debater or just starting out, this book has something to offer for everyone.

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