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We Protect You From COVID with 1 Jab Instead of 2 and Focusing on PR

Article: “Gap between jabs could be eight weeks under new plans”Authors: Senan Molony and Eilish O’ReganSource: Independent.ieDate 17 April 2021 What is the real goal of those in charge of the citizens’ health protection? After reading the article “Gap between jabs could be eight weeks under new plans”, I decided I should clear my mind on what I could learn from it in relation to the Covid present state of affairs. My understanding is that the decision to extend the gap between jabs is based on a week argument and it appears also that the real focus of the politicians

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Consumerism: The Addiction of the Collective

Unnecessary consumerism is something that we as a society are indisputably guilty of. For most, the high that comes with placing a spontaneous online order is unmatched. The feeling of admiring your purchases after a tiresome but worthwhile day of shopping is one of ecstasy. Many people are no strangers to having a ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ moment, or partaking in some retail therapy – but when do these moments of pleasure become addictions? Are we victims of the drug that is consumerism? There’s an undeniable truth to the term ‘retail therapy’. Shopping provides us with comfort. Due to the

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La scelta di Alessandro

di Maurizio Bisogno Seduto sul davanzale della finestra, fumando una sigaretta, Alessandro pensò che se non avesse sorriso a Sylvia così tante volte ora non avrebbe dovuto scegliere tra lei e Francisca. Sebbene il dilemma fosse tutto suo, ora stava affrontando la possibilità di influenzare positivamente la vita di qualcun altro o turbarla. Sylvia, una donna bionda e attraente, sulla trentina, sembrava mostrare un nuovo percorso, come una nuova svolta nella vita di Alessandro. Avendo ottenuto di recente almeno due vittorie intellettuali, poiché aveva appena conseguito il dottorato di ricerca e una nuova posizione dirigenziale nella sua azienda, Sylvia voleva

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Apparent Impasse

By Maurizio Bisogno, 2021 Sitting on the window seal and smoking a cigarette, Alexander thought that if he hadn’t smiled at Sylvia so many times now he would not have to choose between her and Francisca. Although the dilemma was all his own, he now was facing the possibility of affecting someone else life positively or by creating new troubles. Sylvia, a light blond and attractive woman, well in her thirties seemed to be showing a new path, like a new turning point in Alexander’s life. Having achieved recently at least two intellectual victories, as she just got her PhD

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LasciarTi andare

di Maurizio Bisogno 2021 Riconsiderare tutto,Il mondo, il sogno, la gioiaE la tristezza di ricordarti.Le lacrime sono così pesantiE il cuore èA p e z z iNon c’è tempo al mondo chePotrebbe estinguere quel doloreFuoco che brucia per sempre nel mio mondoE NON nel tuo.L’abisso del mio sentireNon riesce a trovare un modoNon c’è un posto – non un tempoChe pesi i pezzi del mio cuore. Chi sonoChi seiChi diventiamoDivisi i mondi – le vite – i percorsiAnche le nostre lacrime sono di un colore diverso. Mi sono riunito a te nei tuoi sogniNon è bastatoNiente può mai essere abbastanza.

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Releasing You

Releasing you By Maurizio Bisogno 2021 Reconsidering everything,The world, the dream, the joyAnd the sadness of remembering you.Tears are so heavyAnd the heart isB r o k e nThere is no time in the world thatCould extinguish that pain as aFire that burns forever in my worldAnd NOT in yours.The abyss of my feelingsCan’t find a wayThere isn’t a place – not a timeTo weigh the pieces of my heart. Who I amWho you areWho we becomeDivided worlds – lives -pathsEven our tears are of a different colour. I re-joined you in your dreamsThat wasn’t enoughNever anything can be it.

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