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Apparent Impasse

By Maurizio Bisogno, 2021 Sitting on the window seal and smoking a cigarette, Alexander thought that if he hadn’t smiled at Sylvia so many times now he would not have to choose between her and Francisca. Although the dilemma was all his own, he now was facing the possibility of affecting someone else life positively or by creating new troubles. Sylvia, a light blond and attractive woman, well in her thirties seemed to be showing a new path, like a new turning point in Alexander’s life. Having achieved recently at least two intellectual victories, as she just got her PhD

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Releasing You

Releasing you By Maurizio Bisogno 2021 Reconsidering everything,The world, the dream, the joyAnd the sadness of remembering you.Tears are so heavyAnd the heart isB r o k e nThere is no time in the world thatCould extinguish that pain as aFire that burns forever in my worldAnd NOT in yours.The abyss of my feelingsCan’t find a wayThere isn’t a place – not a timeTo weigh the pieces of my heart. Who I amWho you areWho we becomeDivided worlds – lives -pathsEven our tears are of a different colour. I re-joined you in your dreamsThat wasn’t enoughNever anything can be it.

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La Filosofia Stoica e il tuo benessere

Introduzione Questa presentazione riguarda una domanda. La domanda è: La Filosofia può contribuire al tuo benessere? Porremo questa domanda a un tipo particolare di Filosofia, noto come Stoicismo. Alla fine della presentazione vi ritroverete con un binario in più che vi aiuterà a trovare la risposta da soli. Breve cenno sull’origine della parola FILOSOFIA – Amore per la Saggezza, Amore della Conoscenza. In che cosa consiste la specificità dello Stoicismo e come gli Stoici intendevano la filosofia. Punti salienti della presentazione: Breve introduzione allo stoicismo antico, Alcuni riferimenti allo stoicismo moderno, Illustrerò alcuni principi fondamentali e Darò alcune applicazioni pratiche.

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Daily Meditation – One Universe, One Stock

When we consider a series of things, the consequent things match perfectly the previous ones. The connection between the two groups of things is a rational and wonderful relationship. The stress is here is on the rational connection which reflects the harmony in which ALL things stand together: a simple sequence is different from a rational order. As the universal order, so the small series of things that happen in our life are rationally connected.

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