La Filosofia è la vita

A platform for publishing articles and essays on various philosophical and cultural topics, including self-discovery, politics, education, art, psychology, social issues, and personal development. The articles cover a range of perspectives and approaches, from traditional philosophy to contemporary social commentary, and feature a mix of original writing and commentary on the work of well-known figures such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Seneca, Rousseau, Marx, Seneca, Adorno, Horkheimer, and Gonseth. The website also offers audio content and discussion forums for readers to engage with the ideas presented in the articles.

Consumerism: The Addiction of the Collective

Unnecessary consumerism is something that we as a society are indisputably guilty of. For most, the high that comes with placing a spontaneous online order is unmatched. The feeling of admiring your purchases after a tiresome but worthwhile day of shopping is one of ecstasy. Many people are no strangers to having a ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ moment, or partaking in some retail therapy – but when do these moments of pleasure become addictions? Are we victims of the drug that is consumerism? There’s an undeniable truth to the term ‘retail therapy’. Shopping provides us with comfort. Due to the

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Philosophical Meditation (2)

One way to benefit from Philosophy is to meditate on specific short texts. You can do this alone or with other people.You would select a few lines from a philosopher that you value and read them several times, first aloud and then silently. Let other thoughts slip away and absorb only the context of the text you have in front of you. Once you fill satisfied with this, observe the thoughts that your mind offers you and see how they related to the quote or not. At this stage you should be able to follow a train of thoughts that

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La scelta di Alessandro

di Maurizio Bisogno Seduto sul davanzale della finestra, fumando una sigaretta, Alessandro pensò che se non avesse sorriso a Sylvia così tante volte ora non avrebbe dovuto scegliere tra lei e Francisca. Sebbene il dilemma fosse tutto suo, ora stava affrontando la possibilità di influenzare positivamente la vita di qualcun altro o turbarla. Sylvia, una donna bionda e attraente, sulla trentina, sembrava mostrare un nuovo percorso, come una nuova svolta nella vita di Alessandro. Avendo ottenuto di recente almeno due vittorie intellettuali, poiché aveva appena conseguito il dottorato di ricerca e una nuova posizione dirigenziale nella sua azienda, Sylvia voleva

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