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Defiance or Submission, Courage or Acquiescence?

“Then fifteen, Montaigne was out in the street, for the Collège had suspended classes during the violence. He witnessed the killing of Moneins, a scene he never forgot. It raised in his mind, perhaps for the first time, a question that would haunt the entire Essays in varying guises: whether it was better to win an enemy’s respect by an open defiance, or to throw yourself on his mercy and hope to win him by submission or an appeal to his better self.” (S. Bakewell) In the film The White Tiger the Indian slave combines both those attitudes according to

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Your Life Quality Depends On It

By Maurizio A. Bisogno   If you’ve got the feeling that something is missing from your life and you don’t know what it is; if you have the perception that life is passing by and that what you get is not really satisfying, have you ever wondered that this could be related to a lack of courage? As Mark Twain once wrote “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear not absence of fear.” In this article I am going to show how courage is not exactly the absence of fears but it is the awareness of your fears and

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The Dominant System of Thoughts and the Possibility to Dissent.

Every society, every historic period has a way of thinking or a view of the world that is more common, more popular than others, nevertheless there is always a different way of thinking that starts at a certain time in that same society. Probably the most known of the ancient Philosophers, thanks to Plato who wrote a series of dialogues in which Socrates is the main character, Socrates was somebody who dedicate his life to questioning men and authorities and he paid with his own life his determination to pursue the truth above everything. Giordano Bruno, Tommaso Campanella, Jeanne d’Arc,

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