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Showing the Power of Ideology

ABSTRACT. Ideology is a complex concept that refers to a set of beliefs and values that shape an individual’s understanding of the world. It can be based on political, economic, social, and cultural beliefs, and can vary widely depending on an individual’s experiences and personal values. The French Ideologists were a group of philosophers and intellectuals in the early 19th century who were known for their radical and progressive ideas, which were influenced by Enlightenment thought and the French Revolution. Marxist theory views ideology as a tool used by a particular group or class to maintain their dominance in society by shaping the way individuals and groups understand and interpret the world around them. Marxist critics argue that ideology serves to obscure the true nature of social and political relationships and to present a distorted view of reality that serves the interests of those in power.

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Digitalization in Social Work: Risks, Rewards, and Strategies

ABSTRACT. Digitalization has had a significant impact on the field of social work, bringing both opportunities and challenges. This article explores the ways in which digital technologies are being used in the field, the risks and challenges involved, and strategies for addressing these challenges and making the most of the opportunities presented. It also discusses the potential impacts of gaming technologies and gamification strategies on the delivery of social services and the risks associated with their use. The article concludes by providing recommendations for social workers looking to effectively use digital technologies in their practice.

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