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A Very Short Introduction to Marxism (1): New Edition (Exploring Marxism): A Concise Guide to Understanding Marxist Theory and Its Practical Applications

Introduction The eBook “A Very Short Introduction to Marxism (1): New Edition (Exploring Marxism)” offers readers a concise and accessible overview of Marxist theory and its practical application. Marxism, as a socio-political theory, has had a significant impact on the world, shaping the understanding of social dynamics, the history of ideas, and political movements. This eBook serves as a solid foundation for individuals interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Marxism and its relevance to contemporary society. It is particularly suitable for students of politics, history, or social sciences who wish to explore the fundamental concepts and debates within Marxist

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Various Editions of The Capital

The Dual Nature of Labour

An increase in the quantity of use value leads to greater material wealth, exemplified by the idea that two clothes are more valuable than one. So, an increase in the quantity of use values is introduced as an increase in material wealth.

At the same time, an increased quantity of material wealth may correspond to a fall in the magnitude of its value.

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A Very Short Introduction to Marxism


Why the new generations should know about Marxism. Marxism is a critical theory that has had a profound impact on the way we understand society, economics, and political power. Its insights into the workings of capitalism, exploitation, and class struggle remain highly relevant today, and its influence can be seen in a wide range of social movements and political struggles around the world. Answer this two questions [ays_quiz id=’2′] For the new generation, learning about Marxism is essential for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it provides a framework for understanding the deep structural inequalities and injustices that continue

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