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The Philosophical Meditation Technique

This is a short guidance to meditate philosophically. Here is hot wo to proceed. Take the quote below, read it slowly, first aloud then silently in your mind until it permeates inside yourself; savour its meaning, expand it, feel only the meanings that it involves. “The liberation of a pain produces a pleasure that cannot be increased” Epicurus You may choose to focus on one aspect. For instance, I was marked by the concept that a pleasure cannot be increased. In fact, I thought about one’s habit of drinking wine. You start with a glass and then you keep going,

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How to be really happy

©Maurizio Bisogno The forbidden knowledge is that what you don’t want to know. You know that. The forbidden knowledge is about what attracts you and, at the same time, is not acceptable by the cultural system you live in. Why people prefer distraction to understanding, and pleasure to knowledge? Because thinking is a hard thing to do. But what does this actually mean? Simply that it causes pain to think thoroughly about yourself, your real emotions and wishes, your real thoughts. Our mind does not want to think about conflicts. We create a system in which there are acceptable behaviours

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How Pain Can Reveal Your Enemies

© by Maurizio Bisogno, 2014 When you have intense physical pain, you are induced to commit important mistakes, you are pushed to isolation, you observe a reduction of your life space – you are being subject to elimination, then you have enemies. Intense acute physical pain makes you prone to commit mistakes that can have very serious negative consequences in your life; also it makes you behave in a manner that you push away people from you, as you become short tempered and intolerant of interactions with others, therefore you are more and more isolated; your life space is reduced

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