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Philosophical Meditation (2)

One way to benefit from Philosophy is to meditate on specific short texts. You can do this alone or with other people.You would select a few lines from a philosopher that you value and read them several times, first aloud and then silently. Let other thoughts slip away and absorb only the context of the text you have in front of you. Once you fill satisfied with this, observe the thoughts that your mind offers you and see how they related to the quote or not. At this stage you should be able to follow a train of thoughts that

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Daily Meditation – One Universe, One Stock

When we consider a series of things, the consequent things match perfectly the previous ones. The connection between the two groups of things is a rational and wonderful relationship. The stress is here is on the rational connection which reflects the harmony in which ALL things stand together: a simple sequence is different from a rational order. As the universal order, so the small series of things that happen in our life are rationally connected.

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The Philosophical Meditation Technique

This is a short guidance to meditate philosophically. Here is hot wo to proceed. Take the quote below, read it slowly, first aloud then silently in your mind until it permeates inside yourself; savour its meaning, expand it, feel only the meanings that it involves. “The liberation of a pain produces a pleasure that cannot be increased” Epicurus You may choose to focus on one aspect. For instance, I was marked by the concept that a pleasure cannot be increased. In fact, I thought about one’s habit of drinking wine. You start with a glass and then you keep going,

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