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Are You Being Rational in Taking the Vaccine?

The general attitude with regards to how to come out of the so-called pandemic is to get the entire population vaccinated. What presumptions have you got in favour of this statement? Most of all, do you understand fully what does it mean to vaccinate the entire population? I suppose you do otherwise you could not have excluded the other proposition that says: Vaccination of the population will not help against the so-called pandemic. You are able the grasp the meaning of the two proposition and you have chosen to believe the first one. May I ask you to ponder this:

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What are the beliefs of stoicism? (part 1)

The Logos A major belief of many stoics is the presence of a God who, eternal and perfect, produces the World in its totality – He is the active principle that generates everything there is. This active principle is the soul of the World and it is a rational soul which not only gives life, but also order to the same world. This Principle, this God gives existence, life, and order. It is also called the Logos: everything comes from the Logos and everything returns to the Logos. Every being, everybody in this world is penetrated, made of, and supported

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The Socratic Illusions

The Socratic Illusion “This illusion consists in the imperturbable belief that, with the clue of logic, thinking can reach to the nethermost depths of being, and that thinking can not only perceive being but even modify it. This sublime metaphysical illusion is added as an instinct to science and again and again leads the latter to its limits, where it must change into art; which is really the end to be attained by this mechanism.” F. Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy, p.53, 1955, Dover Publications, NY

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