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What is the real cause of happiness? – Stoicism 2

In the previous article I dealt with the root question of Stoicism, in this one I will go further and examine where happiness lies for human beings. What does really matter to us as human beings. Virtue = Good – Only virtue can bring happiness. Live virtuously = goal of humans, the rest is indifferent. When we embark on the path to satisfy our desires, we start a chain of events that will be infinite. No desire satisfaction lasts for ever, after each desire satisfied another one rises and so for ever. How can happiness be based on that never-ending

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by © Maurizio Bisogno 2015, 2020 “What ruins our characters is the fact that none of us looks back over his own life”, Seneca, Letter LXXXIII. Our thoughts are directed always to the future, to what is ahead of us; but all future is based on the past and yet we avoid the exam of the latter. How can we achieve any wisdom in this race to the future? If we follow Seneca, the only study that deserves to be pursued is the study of wisdom because it makes a man free. All the other studies should bring man to

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