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Is it true that there is no alternative to capitalism? Is capitalism the only possible form of society?

Amelia Horgan, Lost in Work – Escape from Capitalism is an intelligent book which starts from the observation of the state of work in UK to ask fundamental and radical questions about capitalism. She warns us that any account of capitalism according to which “things happen in a capitalist way because that’s just how capitalism works” is a useless account of our system. In other words, she urges us to abandon the banality of such a statement as “X, Y or Z happens because of capitalism”. To seek an alternative to the neoliberalism and austerity a different approach is needed.

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Digital Labour and Precariousness

Digital labour and precariousness In recent decades, there have been significant changes in the world of work also due to technological evolution. Increasing digitalization has opened up new opportunities, but it has also raised important issues regarding precariousness, workers’ rights and the need for a universal income. To this end, it will be very useful to report on the analysis of Antonio Casilli, sociologist and author of the book (2019). En attendant les robots. Enquête sur le travail du clic [Waiting for Robots. An Inquiry Into Digital Labor]. Éditions du Seuil. “. Digital labour, a new paradigm. Digital labour does not simply

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How much do you earn?

Did you enjoy the sunshine? Good. Now, though, it is time for some thinking. Let’s start from the following question: did you ever ask yourself how much you earn? Well, I know you know it. Nevertheless, we will think about it somewhat differently. Let’s do a simple calculation: we will suppose that you receive each month € 1700. This is also the answer you would give me to my question: “How much do you earn?”, “€ 1700”. Now consider this: your workday comprises 7 hours and 30 minutes (= 450 minutes) or 150 hours per month, so you earn €

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