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Unity of life and thinking – Stoicism 1

The basic question for the Stoics is: How does someone live a good life? They have a practical orientation, they choose frugality and virtue, which they consider the aim of life. Stoicism and CBT interpret emotions as being mainly due to our beliefs and patterns of thinking. Some stoic techniques are: Stoic mindfulness, retrospective evening meditation, the view from above. What matters is virtue, and virtue consists in living according with the of divinely ordered universe. Studying Philosophy for the stoics is a matter of learning to give an overall shape and purpose to your life and of using your

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Is Philosophy Really So Distant From Our Life?

Knowledge, reason, mind, freedom, destiny, identity, God, goodness, justice, politics are all issues which are dealt with in Philosophy, but they are also questions that people generally approach in a more spontaneous way, since these issues are precisely those which shape the way we think about the world and how we define our place in it, as well as being major issues examined by many great thinkers. The word ‘philosophy’ brings with itself some rather unfortunate connotations; you often hear that it is abstract, it does not have much to do with the real world, that it is stuff for

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