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The Philosophical Meditation Technique

This is a short guidance to meditate philosophically. Here is hot wo to proceed. Take the quote below, read it slowly, first aloud then silently in your mind until it permeates inside yourself; savour its meaning, expand it, feel only the meanings that it involves. “The liberation of a pain produces a pleasure that cannot be increased” Epicurus You may choose to focus on one aspect. For instance, I was marked by the concept that a pleasure cannot be increased. In fact, I thought about one’s habit of drinking wine. You start with a glass and then you keep going,

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The “pleasure-seeking”

Stop for a moment and look around you, you’ll see how the most common lifestyle is that of one who seems addicted to the pleasures of life, and also seems to have a certain understanding of how the world works. This type spends most of his free time in leisure and pleasure seeking, in short “enjoying life”, as the common saying goes. The main consequence of this use of his time is the distraction from pursuing and achieving those important goals that he too would like to achieve. The “pleasure-seeking” certainly wants to keep his lifestyle and yet fails to

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