The “pleasure-seeking”

Stop for a moment and look around you, you’ll see how the most common lifestyle is that of one who seems addicted to the pleasures of life, and also seems to have a certain understanding of how the world works. This type spends most of his free time in leisure and pleasure seeking, in short “enjoying life”, as the common saying goes. The main consequence of this use of his time is the distraction from pursuing and achieving those important goals that he too would like to achieve.

The “pleasure-seeking” certainly wants to keep his lifestyle and yet fails to achieve almost all the other goals.

People with a different lifestyle will intersect his wanderings and remember him his forgotten goals or his failures: he will meet someone who reaches its objectives. The fact is that they are precisely those same goals the “pleasure-seeking” had in mind and which he gave up because of his dissolute lifestyle.

It is at this time that the envy of the “pleasure-seeking” activates with determination, attacking in different ways its nemesis: the type of the attack depends on the more or less violent personality, but most of the time it is verbal, with sarcastic characters, belittling the other’s value, use of a fierce language and so on.
What torments the bon vivant is precisely to see the other’s success, or his happiness; to him it looks as the other is always getting what he wants meanwhile he doesn’t seem to get any realization outside the pleasures ring. He sees the professional achievements, the goods and even personal relationships of the other as unjust or due to a greater luck and, anyway, undeserved.
In fact, the “pleasure-seeking” never questions himself, but he keeps feeding his envy that expresses itself in denigration, attacks and angry aggressions whenever it is outside the leisure situations. The pleasure-seeking knows that he will never do anything important, he will never pursue purposes of value and, failing to change their lifestyle, it needs to drive out those who forcefully remind him that his life, that yes, it is a waste.