The Abduction Report (1998)

Abduction Report

by Maurizio Bisogno 1998

In a desert there is a woman walking with a group of men; she knows where she’s going and all walk calmly but decidedly to reach the place. From the environment it is not easy to say in which period of time, or in which year, this is happening. It seems that they are in a quite desert country,  just bushes and low hills on the horizon line. It is not cold, actually it is that kind of warm weather that you can feel toward the end of the day.

At a certain point the woman is beaten with a wooden stick in order to make her unconscious. She’s lying on the ground, when another man, with beard and a turban, approaches her and with a special knife he starts to cut her belly. The woman is pregnant, maybe eight and a half month pregnant. The incision on the skin is very gradual, because the man does not want to hurt the foetus. The man who is doing this looks like an Arab, but his nose is thin and small, he has beard and turban. He gradually deepens the cut until he can see the head of the baby. Then he takes him out and leaves the woman on the ground while the baby is brought like a trophy toward a rudimentary altar. The woman was left behind and they used some kind of special product that made her wound heal very fast.

The men, maybe three, bring the baby to the altar, which is some 500 meters far away; the newborn is put on the altar then suddenly a large beam of intense light hits him. He stays about thirty seconds in this light, then he is sucked into that strange thing originating the beam of light: it is like a spaceship suspended in the air.

Once the baby is in the spaceship, he is put on a leather bed and there some beings, which would be very like some typical ET, start to study him. Mainly what they do is to execute pressure with some of their strange fingers all over the body; they touch the baby everywhere. It is to be noted that those beings could not utter a sound, in fact they didn’t seem to have a mouth at all. They are interested in the throat of the baby, and make an examination of it: they are interested in knowing how human beings are able to produce sounds and talk.

Furthermore they insert a subtle pipe in the umbilical cordon of the baby, to insert something in the body and to suck it back. They insert a pipe in the ears and in the nose. All this operation is done in the most absolute silence.

Finally one of these beings starts to press the rear left side of the skull of the baby with its fingers, he does it several times and for about ten minutes, then he takes a tool and by the means of a very thin beam of light, like a laser, he makes a cut on the left rear area of the skull, some two centimetres distant from the left ear. The incision is very thin, maybe three millimetres; it is not painful to the baby; then he cuts the nerve at a length of about 2 ½ centimetres and replaces it with a wire; the insertion of the wire is nevertheless painful. They have an instrument similar to a pliers to insert it.

The reason of this wire is to exert control upon the baby. When on earth the person with this wire, will receive a pain every time he does something that they don’t want him to do; on the other hand if he does what they like, the person is freed from the pain so fast that it becomes like an intense pleasure in the brain, like a state of grace, which however will not last; so normally the person lives in a state of light pain in the area of the skull; this ache can be very intense and sharp if the person acts in a manner that they do not like; the person is freed instantaneously from this suffering as soon as he does what they want him to do.

Some mental power is also given to this person; mainly he can produce mental action, i.e. he can act with his mind and get results in the physical world, without the necessity of doing it with his body, or other external action.

After that operation they return to earth, but what was for them a couple of days of work, on earth it was equal to 4 years; so the baby is now a child and it is given to a family to be adopted.

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