Obvious Secrets Sold As Revelations

I am starting a new section on my website and I will dedicate it to practical questions; I mean politics, books and everyday popular topics. I will start with a book. First, I am giving some general impressions then I will publish notes and observations that will come up along my reading. Hopefully, you will enjoy and subscribe to my newsletter. Thank you and have a nice day.

I don’t buy a certain book because I share the point of view of the author, but because I want to know what the author is saying and how can he or she says that, directly from the author. The book I have in my hands (Massoni by Gioele Magaldi, published by Chiarelettere, Milano, 2020, 1st edition 2014) came out the first time in 2014 and this is the 3rd reprint (2020). It has made a certain noise in Italy, on the Internet, within the conspiracy world and amongst those who claim to expose the occult intentions in our society; there is even a political movement that came out of it. So, now that there is less agitation around it, I can read it calmly. It is worth to observe that Diego Fusaro (a young and hegelo-marxian philosopher) was rising to notoriety when this book and this movement rose too.

The first “interesting” objection to the lack of proof and documentations in this book is given by P. Franceschetti who writes: “Magaldi’s book does not need proofs because logic and common sense, and knowledge of history and Freemasonry, tell us that the book not only is not an invention, but it is a book destined to remain among the most important texts of recent decades…”. This defence come from someone who is part of a similar attitude toward the power. Other reviews are originated in the same milieu and they are positive, obviously.

I managed to find review out of this choir and it is from Andrea Carancini: the book is not documented: “Their reconstructions have always seemed to me unverifiable and in any case not up to the most serious investigative journalism.”

Also interesting are the observation made in this video by Leo Zagami, who states clearly enough that Magaldi, the author of the book, performs magical sex with transvestites! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6SWVzZnubc.

But maybe more interesting is the review written by Aldo Giannulli https://aldogiannuli.it/recensione-gioele-magaldi-massoni/ who states that this book ask to the reader a leap of faith. Giannulli examine then the methodology of the author.
First weakness: the origin of the documents on which the books is based. “the author of a text must not only provide a document but also show from which archival source it comes and how it has succeeded in acquiring it.” This is absent and no Masonic lodge has confirmed or denied the thesis and conclusions of this Massoni. “Magaldi does not cite any other documentation in support of his claims; we are faced with a purely self-referential text: “I say so”.” There are not even proofs of his affiliations with the Lodges that he claims to have belonged or belongs to. The historian Giannulli continues: “Magaldi, at the time of his co-optation (towards the end of the last decade, it would seem) was only the venerable master of a Roman lodge, when he was not yet forty; has never held important political positions, is not a university professor, has never collaborated with the Armed Forces or the police in analyses job, is not a magistrate, is not part of any national or international think tank, has no prominent positions in the world of finance or information. At the time of his alleged co-optation he had published some books, but this is the first one in a national publishing house. Too little to explain on what ground he had access to a cenacle of such high level.”

The other big weakness is the question of authenticity. No verifiable and authenticated documents are provided and “We are waiting to see, but it is very likely that the wait can be disappointed by the production of unusable documents and, therefore, of no evidential value.”

Finally, the question of the veracity, once again there is documentation that would allow to cross check the truthfulness of the sources—a document can be authentic in its form and still contain falsehood in its content.

Conclusion by Giannulli: “While we are waiting to see this long-awaited documentation, we can safely ignore this book.”

In the next posts I will share with you the comments and observations that this reading will generate within me. Until next time, have a great day!

Note added on 25 February 2021

Here is the principle guiding the GM guy: everything in this western world results from a design, everything happens because there is a plan plotted by powerful free-masons lodges. By repeating this like a mantra and presenting this thesis as a warning to the masses, GM is in fact trying to convince the world that there is no escape from the plans of those who plot our society, our system. Consequently, GM is spreading this nonsense disguised as the biggest revelations of or time to direct power to himself and his group. In other words, he is saying: “The Freemasons are behind everything; there are good and bad freemasons; I belong to the good ones, come with me”. His aim is to ride the conspiracies long wave propaganda by “revealing” the true conspiracists, while in fact most of his “revelations” are based on proofs that cannot be presented but that will presented sometime “in the near future”. GM seems to say “While waiting for those documents to be made available, you’d better join me in my campaign against the bad ones, and bring lots of money with you, and lots of supporters to my movement.”

GM is a manipulator who has no influence on the real power; he would like to be part of the elite but nobody “at the top of the Pyramid” gives a toss about him. GM is not taken seriously not even by ordinary politicians. His last prediction about the next PM in Italy were stated with as much conviction and authority as they were disproved by the facts: Draghi is now the PM! This fact was given by GM an impossibility.So why waste my time with this? I just wanted to put down my views on GM as I bought his book and listened to some of his YouTube videos. In conclusion, the people behind GM are logically anti-communist and work well with the American trying to regain influence in the world as a lighthouse of democracy and civilization. Empty words in the mouth of GM and worst war mongers and illusionists on the Planet. The technique of bringing every big name in history under the cap of the Masonry is another con-artist tool aiming at duping the masses.