A Stoic in Time of Epidemic

What is an indifferent?

For the stoic it is worth taking care of his own health but only as an indifferent or a “preferable”; so he takes the necessary precautions to avoid contracting the virus and does not expose himself to unnecessary risks. [People will always prefer joy over pain, wealth over poverty, and good health over sickness – so go ahead and look for those things, but not when doing so endangers your integrity and living in accord with virtue. In other words, it’s better to endure pain, poverty, or sickness in an honorable manner than to seek joy, wealth, or health in a shameful one.]

But the stoic also knows that fear and panic are as harmful and destructive as the disease itself, so he will resort to virtue, especially courage. He will say: ‘If I have taken all the precautions to avoid contagion, what is the point of living in fear?

The stoic see himself as part of Whole which is the community of men and women, consequently she/he aims at minimizing the effects of contagion on oneself and others.

When he goes shopping, he buys the goods that are necessary but does not allow himself to go to excessive purchases driven by panic and will not make unnecessary provisions.

The stoic will take this event of the pandemic as an opportunity to learn and practice virtue.

The stoic will therefore do everything under his control and remain aware that it is not entirely up to him whether or not he will contract the virus, as a result he will not be brought down and blocked by concerns based on what he cannot control.

He will make use of the stoic philosophy that gives him sufficient resources to cope with the events of life.