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Intelligence Is Killed by Pathogenic Ideas

“The West’s commitment to freedom, reason, and true liberalism has never been more seriously threatened than it is today by the stifling forces of political correctness.” Gad Saad, The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense The main thesis of this book is that our world is dominated by pathogenic ideas (bad ideas, they generate “ill” thinking) which are killing common sense as the ability to reason. If you have read my previous article Is Common Sense Defeating Your Thinking Power? you know how the Socratic method works, at least in its essential structure. The Socratic method for

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Is Common Sense Defeating Your Thinking Power?

by Maurizio Bisogno Is it because we fear the hostility of others that we do not question the status quo? Our capacity to doubt can be shattered by an inner sense that convention of society must have a firm basis, even if we are not exactly sure what this may be. Does it seem unlikely to you that our society could be seriously mistaken in its beliefs? Do you fear you would be alone in noticing that? My suggestion is that you should not suffocate your doubts and follow the flock but turn to the philosophers for help. You may

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Opinions Opinions are countless, and everyone is happy to have their own. It ‘s like a nursery rhyme: one says one thing, one says another; opinions are many and to each his own. You tell me that I should look for certainties in science, but I will say that there are many uncertainties disguised as scientific truth. Even in the science, there are many contradicting information, especially on the fundamental issues of life or how to live. Even science is very uncertain. It is good to have opinions, they are based on judgements that we make continuously. Note that here

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