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Two different representations of the Wheel of Fortune

The Virtuous Cycle

I know my goal. I always wanted to be successful. I have a blueprint. Especially when I write I know what I am doing. I give you a consistent story or a coherent analysis and prognosis of life situations. I wanted to earn my life with my articles and books and this is what is happening right now. After so many years I have gained confidence and audacity. Now I am free from the old refrain: frustration from being unable to succeed as a writer. Firstly, I love to be affluent and free; I get myself in jobs that I

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Exploring the Writing Craft

Ultimately, we establish some reality when we write, we build like any other craftsman does when they make or create a new product: they use existing elements to objectify something which was only in their mind. Doing is actually an act of knowledge, and writing is doing; furthermore, when it is done with knowledge of the art and when there a soul in it, then it goes beyond matter.

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