Can The MLM System Be A Source Of Money For Me?

Can a MLM system be a source of money for me?

To answer to this question we will take this example of SFI.

All SFI members join because they think they are going to earn money. All SFI members need to spend money (within the network or outside it to advertise it) or to put a lot of work in it (by personally publicising the company and its products/services). The work consists in marketing products or getting people to become affiliates. Therefore the main task is: selling products or the possibility to earn money (i.e. if you join you will be able to create an income for you). This requires that you become good at selling. Selling means: make it happen that people buy your products/service. If you think that you are not good at selling then this is not the job for you.

Two realistic points:

1. When you advertise a product you use a link to that product that contains your ID number. Someone with a minimum of intelligence can eliminate your number and still have the link to that product, this means that he/she can buy that same product without you getting the benefit of the sale. In this case it is only the company that makes money, not you.


Let’s say that you are advertising the item with the following URL:

By clicking on this link you will be directed to the page that sells the product and your ID, in this case my ID is 15200110, being in the link you will get a commission if someone buys it. But if I cancel the ID from the link, the URL will look like this:

In this case someone can still buy the same item, but I do not get any benefit from my advertising campaign.

2. When you sponsor some people, or when they belong to your downline, you only make money if you have a certain status (this means if you have spent money already on SFI) and only if they are spending/making money themselves. Or, the majority of the affiliates are not money maker and even if you have many of them in your downline, this does not guarantee any income for you.

So what is the way to make money with SFI?

It is to make sure that your efforts bring necessarily a benefit to you. If you advertise you must be sure that the buyer uses your ID in the purchase process and if you spend energy in bringing people to become your affiliates you must make sure that they produce an income or by buying themselves or by selling items and services to others.

Basically, you need a large number of affiliates who spend money on SFI to create to money circulation; then you need to be amongst those who constantly sell (making certain that the sale is made through your ID number) and you must cooperate with people who are generating profit for themselves and are, at the same time, necessarily linked to you.

If those two conditions are not satisfied, you will never make any money through the SFI. This implies that you must have way to tie your sale to your ID and that you have affiliates who are working hard in the same direction.

Have a nice day!