Dialectics of thinking and dialectics of reality.

Dialectics of thinking and dialectics of reality.

Thinking and reality or real thinking. Life’s sense and suffering.

Is the real, the thinking? Or thinking is real – but what is reality? When I spot a conflict in the thinking, then will it be possible to discover the same conflict as a reality outside the thinking?

It is like a role game, mixture of arguments for the practice of an accomplished discourse.

Man asks to understand beyond just acting. Man wishes to act by understanding the sense of his actions, so that they would not end up as mechanical acts or executions of not understood orders.

As he understands the why of his acting, man can act then giving to himself a goal to reach.

In the final cause of Aristotle – teleological – one can spot the project for a moral anchored in reason and to the cognitive process. – modus cognoscendi.

The above considerations intend to open the road to the concept of symbiosis of reality and thinking. Because I am able to think of a conflict, I need to ask what do I know of that conflict in the real (world). Since the question: to what extent the thinking is “objective reality”? If I am capable of answering to this question, I am also able to decide about the truth of what I am thinking.

On the other hand, if I am able to manipulate correctly the thinking process, then my understanding of reality is considerably improved. Consequently, my actions as well become actualisation of my will and achievement of a pre-established aim. And that’s not all.

In fact, when my actions are justified by a thinking system, they have a greater effect; they involve more. In one sense, those actions have better reasons to exist.

This brings us to the understanding that the action which stems from a rational cause, and that has an aim, itself integrated in a coherent thinking system, that particular action is moving towards the RIGHTEOUSNESS, towards what is right to do. To act the right becomes a habit.

To think the right, to act in the right and to know the truth are revealing us the sense of our destiny. Acting so will make our life to reveal its “why”; why are we here? And why are we acting? Which is direction to take with the actions and the thoughts.

To be right involves the acceptance of yourself and of the life as such.

Thinking within the truth and the right, allows us to a better life – this means, for example, that you will be able to better live through the pain. The search for happiness is not a vain wish, because it is right that the man aspires to it. Nevertheless, the suffering is a given data of the being itself alive, consequently to be happy is not a continuum, it is not a stable condition. This also means, that one goes through the suffering fully of hope when one knows the cause and, sometimes, the aim of one’s suffering.


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