The Creation Of A Debt Free Universe

This is a self-help article.

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The Creation Of A Debt Free Universe

by Maurizio Bisogno, 2014

Part I – Handling the emotions

I see myself turning on the computer, accessing the Internet, logging onto the Credit Card website and paying in full the balance due. Then I pick up the phone and ring the same Credit Card company and tell them that I wish to make a payment. “How much would you like to pay today, sir?”, the agent asks. “I would like to pay 3,977.72 Euro”. He repeats in a calm tone: “3,977.72 Euro”; “Yes”, I add less calm. “One moment please”. Then I give him the card details. “Can you give me a reference number for this payment?”, I ask. “Certainly, here it is: 746301DE”. “Thank you”.

Now it’s done. I feel much lighter and I can relax for a few hours; I don’t have to ask, or look for, or be obsessed by the money, which I needed to pay my monthly instalments. I am creating a universe in which I don’t have any debts.

I have created a universe in which you don’t owe anything to the credit card companies or to the banks or to an individual or to the State or to any other entity. You are in a debt-free universe. In this universe, I am debt free. All my bills are fully paid and I have plenty of cash at my disposal. I haven’t got any debts whatsoever. It is crazy. Unbelievable. I feel very strange in having no debts. I am debt free. Thank me. Abruptly, I feel like I am fighting against the old impulse to make debts again.

I had debts because I didn’t trust myself! In the sense that, as soon I was debt free, I was not able to control myself and used to spend all the money, and then borrow more money to spend it in a short period. I got into debts as I was a total mess. I staid for years in a situation of frustration and misery.

In this universe I am creating, I am very much in control of my finance and I don’t create any new debt. I have a good life because I spend only the money that I have, and I have a lot of it, never spend more than I have and never make debts. I am free from this obsession that I have to pay this or that, not knowing where to find the money. I am free from worries as I am such a best-selling author that I have all the money I want and I never spend irrationally or more than I have.

I live in my great house, in a beautiful medieval village located in Southern Italy. My children are with me and my wife as well, as that is what she wanted. I have hired Psycho as the gardener and I am in control of his aggressive attitudes. I have a nice car, not too big, just a red Alfa Romeo. My children are happy living there, they go to school, they have friends, they enjoy the Italian weather, food and life style. I am also free to stay here as long as I wish. I participate to the local politics, I go to the village every day, I have a big studio, I enjoy the existence of my parents, I am a consultant-philosopher. I help lots of people with my advises. I am in good relation with my brothers and the people in the village respect me and have a cordial relationship with me.

I am a great columnist, well paid, I write and publish very interesting books about man, society, happiness, life, mind and politics. I write mainly in Italian, but also write in English quite often.

I am enjoying my life here, but I often travel to the near villages and, especially during the summer, I go along the coast, to the beach, taking in all the sunshine I can, swimming and meeting interesting people.

Yes, now people look forward to meeting such a successful, happy, smart person like me and they invite me to hold lectures on life and philosophy. Two universities have also nominated me professor of philosophy with freedom of teaching, I organise my own courses and give the number of lessons I want to.

I am so flourishing now, as a debt free man, that my life has completely changed, I trust myself and I am self-confident, I am not so young any more but I am capable of enjoying life to the fullest.

My name is Mark Spitz and I am debt free. All the money I spend is my money and it is not borrowed money. I don’t have difficulty in paying my bills and I enjoy life. I am completely dedicate to my philosophical research and my writings give me prestige, reputation, money, respect and a fantastic relationship with my children.

And finally I don’t have my wife telling me what to do and making me feel like a failure because she is the only one in the house who makes money, and bla bla bla…


My wife says: ”Did you pay the credit card instalment this month?” and I reply: “No, I didn’t have to. I have paid all my credit cards in full”. She is in shock, as she thinks I don’t have any money. “Yes”, I say, “I paid all my debts and forever”. She looks at me and seems not to believe what she hears. “How did you do it”, she asks. “I just had all the money I needed to pay everything. That’s it.”

-“Where that money came from? How did you get it?”

-“I just create it with my imagination and it became real as everybody would agree with me that I had that money in my possession and therefore they accepted it as a payment. Now do you believe me? Here, look at the credit card statements, they are all with 0 balance. Do you believe me now?”

-“This is weird. There is something weird and not clear in what you say. Like everybody else, I have to work hard so many hours per day to make the money that we need to pay everything and you are telling me that you have just imagined the money and, woosh,it became real?”

-“Yes, that is what happened and that will always happen from now on, and you can join me in this if you just choose to use your imagination instead of your normal way of working”

-“I don’t believe in “those things” and you’d better tell me where you took the money otherwise…”

-“I am telling you. The money came from my imagination. Believe me, there is no other explanation”.

The conversation continues along these lines for a while, with me repeating the same answer to the numerous questions of my wife expressing the same perplexity again and again.

But that’s how it is. My debts are clear, I am a free man and the money is just there when I need it. And this is a power that every one of us has at his/her disposal. I see myself now as if I was another person, I feel light, free from worries: all the money that I owed to the credit card companies is now disappeared, the balance is zero and I just have to get on with my life, with my other projects, goals, experiences.

I have this beautiful house here in the village, I am a successful writer, have lots of cash at my disposal, I offer a better life to my wife and let her go and enjoy it. I have all the money I want to do whatever I want. But money is not everything, in fact now I am successful in my writing and lecturing career, very successful, my academics titles are widely recognised and I am a respected philosopher.

My house here is well heated, during the winter and I enjoy great food and beautiful clothes for me, my children and my wife. I am also experiencing a higher degree of confidence and my mind is much clearer and more rational. My emotions are not random and I follow a clear path. Soon, my great philosophy book will be ready to be distributed all over Italy and I will have a great success. The point is that I am not dreaming, all this is now actually happening. I am going to sleep now and continue my narration of how my life is changed, tomorrow.

Part II – Realistic grounding


HOW DOES THE MONEY GO ONTO MY WIFE’S ACCOUNT? SHE SELLS STUFF AND HAS POSITIVE ASSETS. I HAVE NOTHING OF ALL THAT. SO MY REALITY IS THAT THERE isn’t any ACTUAL INCOME ON MY BANK ACCOUNT. Conclusion: in the real world, in the world that people agree as real, I have debts and no income and I survive thanks to my wife. What a “normal” person would do in this case? He would try to create some income, and this is what I am trying to do by selling books, or by trying to get some hours of teaching in a school. But nothing is happening.

Let’s look back at my past life: how did I solve the money problems? When I was student: parents help, grants, and temporary jobs in the manual work field. Then worked as a professor’s assistant. I tought at the same univerisity for a couple of years. After that, some private teachings of German and Bridge Engineering Technology consultancy for some firms. I did Dianetics counselling. I have even been a barman in Paris. Also did some technical translations. Subsequently I got an Engineering job in Manchester and worked there for few years. After that I went back to private counselling; I tried video editing, musical instruments dealer.

And now? Nothing! I am waiting for the nearby school to let me know about some hours of mathematics lessons, but it does not seem to be happening. *As I am reading this a few days later, I have to add that the school hired me for a series of 6 lessons.*

How do I feel about this situation? Bad. The main thought is: it looks like there is nothing I can do to change this situation positively. The other thought is: I dream of a society where I owe no money, I am debt free. This makes me think that if everyone would reach that condition then this same society, which depends heavily on debts’ creation and interests, would crash, crumble into nothing. In general, the majority of those who have a job don’t get it to acquire freedom but to acquire things bought with loans, credit cards, mortgage and so on, therefore their job is aiming mainly at paying debts. Are you aware of this? People do not look for freedom but they seek enslavement. Think of this: once you have paid your taxes, your standing payments and your loan/credit card/mortgage instalment, how much is left to you? That’s why I don’t find a job, and will never find one. It is because my aim is to become debt-free and this would be an unacceptable example for the society.

I am asking you to do a very simple experiment. Look around yourself, look at your friends, your relatives and ask you this question: how many are debt free? You will probably find out that even the young ones, as students, they have already entered the mechanism of being indebted. It is a structural feature of our society. People are induced to spend constantly more than they earn or they have. Why things are like that?

In the first place, you should notice that the concept of being debt-free sounds unusual, strange to the majority. In fact, nobody seems to have spent any time thinking at the possibility, real possibility, of being free from any debts. When you first utter this sentence in front of the average person you get an expression of quick dismissal and the conversation moves to something else or that person finds a sudden excuse to leave. Nevertheless, this is the most powerful condition of a human being: not to have to give away the product of your work to pay off debts. Have you ever considered how much more money and freedom you would have if you didn’t have those debts to pay every month? The objection seems to come up very quickly: I wouldn’t have the same house, the same car, that holiday and so on. Don’t you see how ridiculous is all that?! You spend most of the time working for a house in which you only go to sleep, your car is hardly giving you what you need… besides how can you enjoy all those things that you have purchased on credit if you spend most of your time to work in order to pay back those debts? It makes no sense. And, although being so irrational, entire nations are struggling to pay off debts: their only reason to exist seems to be the following one: make more and more money to pay more and more debts! This is the most absurd situation a living being can be in!

Part III – Take action

The good news is that it is actually possible to become a debt free individual. It requires some efforts and it demands to take some decisions, but it is actually a realistic goal. To find out how you can reach a debt free life keep reading this article.

We can actually think about this in a very practically way, by putting down some fundamental points firmly. The first think to establish is: how did you get there? Where you unemployed for too long? Have you been borrowing recklessly? How many payments have you missed? Did you ever saved any money? Do you ignore your creditors? Did you lose control over your expenditures?

The attitude here is to accept your mistakes and start correcting them. Without this first step you will never start living a debt free life.

Next you really need to define your goal which actually is not to just pay off your debts but to live the rest of your life without making any debts. These two aspects are not the same thing. If you don’t set your second goal positively, you may pay your present outstanding debts and then fall in the same trap again. So, this is why your goal has to be larger than you think, it has to involve all your future life. This is why this article starts with the creation, the imagination of a universe in which you are living a life without debts, because that has to be your long term goal. You must promise to yourself that a debt free life is your ultimate goal, definite aim, your unshakeable desire.

On the practical side, this means that you have to know exactly how much you owe and how you are going to pay that back, it may also means to work more and adopt a more frugal life style. On the other hand, it is not excluded, for more complex situation that one thinks it cannot handle by him/herself, to seek professional help, although I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to make some mental effort and establish yourself a budget that allows you to eliminate your debts. And remember your ultimate goal, so stay absolutely away from new loans.

This is in short the practical attitude to get out of debts on an individual level. Nothing compares to the ownership of your own time.

©Maurizio Bisogno, 2014

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