Magick or Rational?

By Maurizio Bisogno

I know that if you read this, your life will benefit from it.

Laura did not find the job that would have made her happy – more correctly, she did not want a job. Her vocation was reading, playing the cello, and, maybe, teaching. She is serein and calm when she has a good amount of money on her account. This allows her to do her job. But a job should produce an income and, as her one does not do that, she must get works that pay a salary, although those employments do not create a sense of self-realisation.

Overwhelmed by Debts

Having taken up those normal jobs put Laura on a spending track and she contracted debts with two credit card companies. This fact has aggravated her need to keep a job just for the salary. The money Laura makes is allowing her to repay those debts very gradually. It would make her very happy to have a lump sum, let’s say € 10,000, that would eliminate them in one go. So, Laura’s desire is to obtain € 10,000 to repay the outstanding balance on her CCs.

Laura lacks that amount of money and what seems impossible to her is not to repay it, instead what seems unbearable to her is the gradualness of getting € 10,000; this appears excruciating to her. The thought of this impossibility makes her anxious, almost panicking.

Reality negates that she has € 10,000. That is what she wants now. There are two ways to approach this problem: one is through Magick, the other one is rationally. This latter, as reality negates that she has € 10,000, is to repay it weekly using her salary – which means that for a year or so she will have a restrictive and miserable life. She could manage that if she were on her own. In fact, she has a family with needs and wants and this puts her under pressure. In other words, the context makes it harder than it is to use her salary to pay back the CCs.

The Magick way is to use her mind to negate reality and affirm and believe that she has already € 10,000. This way makes her happier but, while the first one seems feasible, the second one appears delusional. She dreams of dedicating herself to think, read, play the cello, and perform in concerts without this feeling that she is stealing time to someone or some other activity. She could use the affirmation ‘I have € 10,000 to pay off the outstanding balance on my CCs.’ It seems more realistic, instead, to use the other one ‘What are the steps to have quickly € 10,000?’. Borrowing must be avoided as one does not own the money one borrows.

Last month Laura finished the repayment of another loan of € 10,000 and she felt so good but the thought that she has still this other outstanding is making her anxious; the thought that it will take so long is very tough. It means regular work, restrictions, fight with her family not to spend, etc. ‘I must get € 10,000 as soon as possible. How? I have € 10,000 already.’

Laura is aware that this situation is due to errors she made in the past, to the fact that she was made redundant and lost her job. Afterwards, she was nearly two years without a proper income, living on welfare for few months and on a grant for nine other months. She did not manage well her finances either, overspending and laziness have contributed to the accumulation of that debt. In the last year she worked at a nine-to-five job which should continue until April. Unfortunately, she starts feeling frustrated and bored with the job itself and all the rest. This is a very dangerous condition that threatens her effort to keep her present occupation. She should see herself endowed with indomitable will, ability to move up in her career. She knows she will succeed in repaying her outstanding balance and she will keep her job, but she knows also that this is not going to happen without internal conflicts and quarrels. She will have to be rational and reflexive before taking any major step; she must avoid impulsive decisions and reactive behaviours.

How many of you have not dreamt of receiving life changing news of the kind that announce a sudden gain, an unexpected apparition of a sum of money that would radically change your life? It is a wish that comes true rapidly. This is fascinating. You close your eyes; you picture your bank account with € 10,000 more and there it is! This Magick thinking is so beautiful. It carries the same fascination of falling in love at first sight. You meet someone and few moments later your life is completely transformed. It is different from instant gratification in that one does not forego a future benefit in favour of an immediate but less rewarding satisfaction. It is the definitive Magick thinking, it is the creation from nothing.

We all live above our means as we are incapable to control our desires. The entire economy is based on the masses contracting debts regularly and the biggest illusion is that we do not even imagine life without borrowing. The individuals borrow, the companies and the State borrow money. Any new-born has his share of debts already. Larger debts mean larger interests extracted out the individuals’ pockets. If we give birth to indebted beings, the future of the money lenders is assured. If we have a stable job the future of the banks and of the financial institutions is guaranteed: we ultimately work for them by contracting debts, by spending money we do not have. But have you spent any moment of your existence thinking what life would be like if we did not have debts?

This should be your task for the next few weeks because if you can imagine your life debt-free then you will see how delusional you are about your life with debts.

‘Now you must choose. You cannot postpone anymore this decision. You will payback all the money you owe to the CCs in the shortest time possible and you will never borrow money any more at any cost. The only issue you have at present is how to accelerate the repayment’.

This is a common fate; Laura is certainly not the only person with some debts although she is amplifying the gravity of the situation. It is now an ungrounded preoccupation. The anxiety derives from the desire to make the indebtment disappear quickly. It makes her feel imprisoned in a rut. ‘Accept it and embrace it’. This probably is causing the repression of her desires. This reveals her timid personality, the tendency to boil over things, to retire into herself instead of looking at the bigger picture. There is another aspect, which is Laura wants to prove she is right because she is right! A life with debts is imprisonment. Repaying the debts gradually is painful. Magick is the best way, the one that she prefers and is in harmony with who she is. Do not expect her to go out there and get a highly paid job, or to organize a robbery, or to act boldly in any other way in order to get quickly the € 10,000 euro she needs. Laura will do it through Magick which she is been practicing for years. And this is not about the amount, it is about the power. If she can actualize this amount, she will be able to do it for any other amount. ‘Let’s get to work on this.’ There is another aspect in following this path and it has to do with the image she projects onto her family, it is about her reputation. She must succeed.

The image is clear in my mind. It has a sculptured appearance. It stands out against the dim background. I can nearly touch it.

I can sense the reality of it.

€ 10,000