A Very Short Introduction to Marxism (1): New Edition (Exploring Marxism): A Concise Guide to Understanding Marxist Theory and Its Practical Applications


Marxism, developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, emerged in the 19th century as a response to the social and economic inequalities brought about by industrial capitalism. The theory seeks to analyze and critique the capitalist mode of production, aiming to understand the underlying structures and power dynamics that perpetuate exploitation and class struggle. By examining the relationships between the bourgeoisie (the ruling class) and the proletariat (the working class), Marxism offers a lens through which to understand social inequalities and envision a more equitable society.

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The eBook “A Very Short Introduction to Marxism (1): New Edition (Exploring Marxism)” is available for purchase online, with a price of £2.93. The eBook comes in a digital format, with a file size of 1560 KB. It is written in English and is compatible with text-to-speech and screen reader features. The enhanced typesetting feature allows for a more seamless reading experience. However, the eBook does not have X-Ray functionality or word-wise feature. It has a print length of 60 pages, making it a concise and easily digestible resource for readers.

The eBook is published on Amazon and can be accessed using the following link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Very-Short-Introduction-Marxism-Exploring-ebook/dp/B0CJXTCHYP/


The eBook delves into the origins of Marxism, tracing its roots to the works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It explores the socio-economic conditions of the time and the intellectual climate that shaped their ideas. The eBook also examines the development of Marxist theory, discussing the contributions of subsequent thinkers who expanded and refined the original concepts.

Furthermore, the eBook provides an overview of the core concepts within Marxism, such as historical materialism, class struggle, and alienation. It explains how these ideas form the foundation of Marxist analysis and critique of capitalist society. Additionally, the eBook delves into the practical application of Marxist theory in various historical contexts, ranging from labor movements to anti-colonial struggles.