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Unlock Your Critical Thinking Skills with Introduction to Logic

Are you tired of being swayed by arguments that don’t hold up to scrutiny? Do you struggle to understand complex logical arguments? Look no further! “Introduction to Logic” on Udemy is here to help you develop your critical thinking skills and understand the foundations of logical argument. In this course, you’ll learn about the structure of arguments, types of argument, and how to identify and avoid fallacies. With the skills you’ll learn in “Introduction to Logic,” you’ll be able to confidently evaluate and construct logical arguments, and make informed decisions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your critical

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The concept of distribution in the Syllogism

What follows is the transcript from the following video : https://www.udemy.com/course/introduction-to-logic01/learn/lecture/26199074/ Today we’re going to present in this short video, what the distribution is and how it matters in a syllogism. Remember a syllogism is made of three propositions, two premises, and one conclusion. Now the parts of a propositions are the quantifier, the subject, the copula and the predicate. A quantifier is ‘all’ our, ‘some’, the subject is the subject. So, the subject is the term, the copula is the verb (the link between the subject and the predicate) and the predicate is the other term. For example, ‘all

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Is Common Sense Defeating Your Thinking Power?

by Maurizio Bisogno Is it because we fear the hostility of others that we do not question the status quo? Our capacity to doubt can be shattered by an inner sense that convention of society must have a firm basis, even if we are not exactly sure what this may be. Does it seem unlikely to you that our society could be seriously mistaken in its beliefs? Do you fear you would be alone in noticing that? My suggestion is that you should not suffocate your doubts and follow the flock but turn to the philosophers for help. You may

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