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Unity of life and thinking – Stoicism 1

The basic question for the Stoics is: How does someone live a good life? They have a practical orientation, they choose frugality and virtue, which they consider the aim of life. Stoicism and CBT interpret emotions as being mainly due to our beliefs and patterns of thinking. Some stoic techniques are: Stoic mindfulness, retrospective evening meditation, the view from above. What matters is virtue, and virtue consists in living according with the of divinely ordered universe. Studying Philosophy for the stoics is a matter of learning to give an overall shape and purpose to your life and of using your

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How much do you earn?

Did you enjoy the sunshine? Good. Now, though, it is time for some thinking. Let’s start from the following question: did you ever ask yourself how much you earn? Well, I know you know it. Nevertheless, we will think about it somewhat differently. Let’s do a simple calculation: we will suppose that you receive each month € 1700. This is also the answer you would give me to my question: “How much do you earn?”, “€ 1700”. Now consider this: your workday comprises 7 hours and 30 minutes (= 450 minutes) or 150 hours per month, so you earn €

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