The true nature of the human body

If your consciousness has solidified in the body, then your reality can only be material, solid, fixed, and its laws are inevitable for you.

Our body has its reasons. This body has its needs that we can not ignore. The senses are the doors to our mind. But the body functions somewhat independently from the mind. The body is itself thinking. The brain isn’t the seat of all thoughts. The thought is generated in that part of the body where is your consciousness. The body does not give you peace of mind until you have satisfied his demands. The only way to not be at the mercy of its demands is to shift your consciousness out of your physical body. In fact, every day, we do nothing but responding to the demands of our body: we go to bed when the body is tired, we get to eat when the body requires it, we go to the bathroom because of the body, we do a sport because the body draws benefit from it, we sit for a long or short time depending on what the body allows us to do, we feel pain and respond with a sedative, or a lament, or endurance; we follow sexual excitement seeking his satisfaction. Our body does not leave in peace our mind until we have satisfied its demands directly or in a sublimated manner. Our physical body, that is, the flesh, bones, blood, nerves, is our lord and master. We believe to seek a mental or spiritual satisfaction, but in fact we are meeting a need of the body, in fact, its dissatisfactions are the source of our mental and spiritual restlessness. We are our body. We admire it, we treat it well, we destroy it, etc., as if it were external to us, but that body is us, it is he who makes us that what we are.

Separating the mind from the body is a pedagogical question: it is used to make people understand how we are, how we function. It’s not like the separation of two substances, as when we put next to each other a brick and a hay stack and see exactly the different texture of the material they are made of, understand exactly where one ends and where the other begins. To teach to the layman one must always simplify, but this reduction is not an more an exact photograph than an epistemological model. Let’s then return to our body: we are a complex body that is materialized in a very dense form and other less dense forms. Practically, the physical body as well as the body less dense, that consisting of the emotions and thoughts, are all one: we are a collection of matter, energy and consciousness. But everything is processed depending on where we placed our conscience. This means that consciousness is the principle originating your identity. This implies that when the physical body puts forwards its demands, by shifting our consciousness to another plane, we can put it to rest. To take a very simple example: if you feel any physical stimulus and do not want to or can not satisfy it, what do you do? You try to think of something else, you distract your attention from that part of the body that requires it to something else: you move your focus, and this actually means that moving your consciousness. When you do this intentionally, that is, not responding to an external stimulus to the consciousness, when you voluntarily move your attention to a different level of perception, you start to find out what you really are made if. This is also when we begin to understand that the mind-body separation is illusory and that your mind and your soul are part of one body which is expressed and realized in different planes, at different levels of density. Clearly it is not easy to understand intellectually such a concept of man if you are not on a consciousness development path and you have not reached a certain mastery. However, the example of the distraction, given just above is a certain explanatory clue.

Well, if you get the full meaning of what has said so far, you can realize that, when you reach the subtle plane, the individualisation of the conscience is not so clear, you discover how we are all interconnected, and that the source of all of us is a point, is one, it is indivisible. This does not mean that we are one body on the material plane, and that the differences are only apparent: if our conscience is in the natural world, we are separate individuals, we are a separate species from the other, we belong to the animal kingdom and not the mineral one, and so on. It is only when we move on the higher planes of consciousness, it is only in the subtle world that this net separations of the individuals and the kingdoms thins down until it merges into the one. Now, if we remember, we stress the word “remember”, what we are made of and where we come from, then our being in the natural and material world, the relationship between our dense body and the other bodies, changes radically: we are no longer unaware performers of the body’s demands. This is the step forward which such an awareness will offer to you: the pleasure, pain, death and birth will cease to appear ever more as things that happen to us, as the inevitable, as your masters.

I wish you an excellent day.

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