Apparent Impasse

By Maurizio Bisogno, 2021

Sitting on the window seal and smoking a cigarette, Alexander thought that if he hadn’t smiled at Sylvia so many times now he would not have to choose between her and Francisca. Although the dilemma was all his own, he now was facing the possibility of affecting someone else life positively or by creating new troubles.

Sylvia, a light blond and attractive woman, well in her thirties seemed to be showing a new path, like a new turning point in Alexander’s life. Having achieved recently at least two intellectual victories, as she just got her PhD and a new managing position in her company, Sylvia was now looking to dedicate more attention to her love life; her type would be a “wise”, kind and generous person. Alexander thought this would be a positive match.

Alexander, as usual, started pondering the situation that early morning, with his cigarette abandoned between two fingers, the sun rising with all his degrees of orange, red and pink: ‘Am I up for this challenge?’, he thought, ‘What about Francisca who’s been with me for so long?’ and other questions that you can imagine. He then took a decision: ‘I must know more, before deciding anything’.

His newly started inner research brought up a possible regression to a much younger age, when he experienced happiness and innocence.

Then, a ‘secrecy’ component rose up which he summarised in this way: not all knowledge can be found or given to everyone, at any time. True knowledge comes to you when you are ready for it, which means that you can only know what you are prepared for. Esoteric – Occult – True wisdom is a woman.

The dilemma is not then about two women, but Sylvia, the new appeared one, has the characteristics of the Priestess in the Tarot cards, which has also the number two, duality, choice. She’s also indicating a search for wisdom: to lighten the path look at the past experiences, and recognize the value of that sweet, kind, energetic and sensual woman. You must be a kind-hearted king to approach her and be at her side. There you will open the book of knowledge. But remember! You are not to spill out what is revealed to you.

So, she spoke: Although sexual energy is the source of enormous pleasure and creativity, it is inferior to love; this latter lies in a sphere that goes beyond the earthly satisfactions. And yet, love needs this material world to make itself known.

‘I got my answer’, Alexander thought. This is what the apparition of Sylvia in his life means, therefore it is about co-existence and not replacement. It is about following the path he already following: a lesson to learn here, you meet the people that you need in your evolution, you only need to be able to recognize them.

The sun was high in the sky and Alexander was walking on the beach, the sound of the waves harmoniously matched the flow of his thoughts. What a day!

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