Are You Being Rational in Taking the Vaccine?

The general attitude with regards to how to come out of the so-called pandemic is to get the entire population vaccinated. What presumptions have you got in favour of this statement? Most of all, do you understand fully what does it mean to vaccinate the entire population? I suppose you do otherwise you could not have excluded the other proposition that says: Vaccination of the population will not help against the so-called pandemic. You are able the grasp the meaning of the two proposition and you have chosen to believe the first one. May I ask you to ponder this: what presumptions have you against the other proposition, i.e. that the vaccine is not going to protect you against the virus?

The point is that very likely you haven’t spent much time thinking rationally, but you just follow what is the general rule emanated by the institutions with regards to the solutions out the so-called pandemic. Now, it is a fact that only rational beings can believe that one proposition is more reasonable than another, only rational beings can weigh the reasons and presumption in favour or against a sentence. If you ponder your behaviour in this situation and your thoughts you may discover that your decision to get vaccinated is not grounded on a rational evaluation.

Now, let’s consider the following: ‘Taking the vaccine’ is more reasonable than ‘not taking it’ and ‘not taking the vaccine’ is more reasonable than ‘believing everything they tell you about the necessity of taking it’, then you can easily say that ‘taking the vaccine’ is more ‘reasonable than believing everything they tell you about the necessity to take it’, which puts you in a very difficult spot, that of having contradictory thoughts as you don’t accept the reasons for taking it and you still take the jab.

I’d say you have not at all considered the possibility to withhold yourself from believing or disbelieving – this means your have not considered that you do not have enough evidence or presumption in favour or against the benefit of taking the vaccine. Why? Maybe because you under pressure by the powers to take the vaccine? But in this case, once again, you are acting or taking an important decision in your life based on emotions and feelings and certainly not on a rational ground.

They have taken away from you the most essential freedoms and now they tell you if want them back you must take the vaccine. Does this seem what is happening in your life right now? Where this will take you in a few years?

We all where given the faculty to reason, but we offend our creator or our nature by not using it.©Maurizio Bisogno

Have a nice day!