First Conclusions on Vaccines and the Power.

It appears to me that there is a great effort to uniform human behaviour  through measures aiming at controlling the contaminations. The fact is that, one way or the other, people are scared and believe that there is a virus that is making millions of victims. As this fear is the foundation for the submissive attitude of the masses and the power cannot miss this opportunity to increase as much as it can the control over people’s private and public behaviour.

It is not difficult for people in charge to judge harshly and create suspicion and distrust toward those who do not take for granted their truth; they use all the possible tricks to make you feel powerless. They play cruel mind-games and are overly attached to their own ideas of power and control using all the means to impose them. And still they are incapable of asserting their role. This power has no scruples, it is covertly violent and unworthy of trust: it’s the power of a con artist.

Here is the cycle you are trapped in.

You were scared to die; you were locked in your house; to start socialising you had to abide to limiting conditions of your interpersonal behaviour; now, you must take a vaccine if you want go back to “normal” life. Fear is pain or just the prospect of it; you want to avoid pain; you do what you are told; you realise that this new behaviour is chastising your life; you accept it, nonetheless. Now, that you have tasted some release from imprisonment, you are told that your good behaviour is not enough, you must inject an experimental substance in your body, the vaccine. This cycle shows how they know you so well, that they manipulate you without any use of force. You are trapped since your birth by those who know how your mind and emotion function. The only way to win is for you to know yourself better than they know you. Think!