West is ‘Nazifying’ Ukraine to Foster Hostility Towards Russia

In an exclusive interview with RT, political philosopher and author Aleksandr Dugin has made controversial claims that the West is deliberately fostering nationalism and neo-Nazism in Ukraine to create an artificial pseudo-consciousness that is hostile towards Russia.

Dugin argues that the West is using nationalism as a radical tool to promote an artificial pseudo-consciousness that is opposed to liberal values, and that Ukrainian Russophobic fascism is being used by globalist liberals to achieve this goal. He believes that Kiev’s backers are trying to hide the growing tolerance of nationalists and neo-Nazis in the country from their own citizens.

According to Dugin, the West supports radicals in Kiev, despite cracking down on similar groups at home. He claims that while the West destroys any kind of nationalism on their own territories, they make it flourish in Ukraine. He argues that Ukraine has become a Nazi paradise as a result of the “nazification” of the country, and that this will ultimately lead to the destruction of the Ukrainian state.

Dugin also claims that the West does not believe in the possible victory of Ukraine, suggesting that they are using the country as a pawn in their geopolitical games with Russia. He cites the example of the Azov Battalion, which welcomes fighters with openly nationalist and neo-Nazi views, and the documented cases of Ukrainian soldiers bearing Nazi insignia and tattoos.

It should be noted, however, that Dugin’s claims and conclusions are controversial and subject to debate and investigation.

Nonetheless, Dugin’s views offer a provocative perspective on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and highlight the complex interplay between ideology, nationalism, and geopolitics in the modern world.

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